Assist with medication

Assist with medication can include helping to measure the dose, mixing the medication, and helping to swallow the medication.

Assist with wound care

Assist with wound care can involve cleaning and dressing the wound, applying a adhesive bandage or dressing, and helping the person to rest.

Assist with ADLs

Assist with ADLs includes assisting the person in their ability to eat, drink, and breathe; bathing; dressing; using the toilet; and walking.

Assist with grooming

I would be happy to help with grooming.

Assist with bathing

Assist with bathing means help the person get clean.

Assist with dressing

Carpet installation requires precise measurements and careful attention to detail to ensure a perfect fit.

Assist with transfers

Assist with transfers is a great way to make moving easier on both you and your new home.

Assist within bed care

Assist is used to help people who are bedridden or have difficulty moving around get out of bed, dress, and eat.

Assist with general support

Assist provides general support to individuals with disabilities.